Digital Marketing Services

Are you looking to make your digital marketing work better? You know there is room for improvement, but as a small business owner you have a lot of other things to worry about?

Our FedoraWeb Digital Marketing Services might be just what you need. From quick checkups of your site, through local marketing, to consulting, we have a range of solutions.

FedoraWeb Digital Marketing Checkups

Website Quick Checkup $55.00

Just the basics. Is your site set up correctly? Are there any errors? What about configuration? Backlink profile? Anything happening that might cause Google or the other search engines to ignore you?

What quick and simple changes could you make to see an improvement in the near term?

See the Website Quick Checkup page for complete information.

Website In-depth Checkup $275.00

Lets get serious here how does your site really help achieve your business goals? Where do you stand compared to your competitors? What are they doing that you are not? Our In-depth program, not only establishes how well your site performs with regard to the searches your potential clients make, but also looks at what others in your industry are doing.

Local Marketing Checkup $55.00

Where are most of your customers? If they are within about 70 miles of your location local digital marketing is becoming more important as people leave the phone directory behind and use their smartphones to find businesses. How well do you stack up in this new reality?

Our Local Marketing Checkup will tell you!

Digital Marketing Consulting

Websites to SEO to Social Media to Local. Need help to align your digital marketing to your business goals? There are a lot of ways FedoraWeb can help.