Small Business Websites

Although much of our interaction with customers and potential customers has moved to Social Media, a good website remains the central part of online marketing strategy. It is the central hub, the one constant that everything can link back to. The question is, what kind of small business website solution is best for you?

As a small business owner, you probably don’t have a lot of time available to produce a website yourself and you might have found that paying a web developer to produce a site for you can be very expensive.

As a small business person myself, I’ve developed websites from the early days of the web – using basic HTML to get started, then Dreamweaver as it got better and more recently WordPress.

WordPress is pretty much the ultimate small business web publishing solution. Indeed, it has become so simple these days that just about anyone can get WordPress up and running on a hosting account and produce a basic website. With a huge array of templates available (both paid and free) as well as plugins to automate a lot a tasks, it can be very much a coding free experience.

Vertigo Blue Blue by Brian Gardner my introduction to WordPress

Vertigo Blue Theme – those were the days!








For a while, I’ve focused on StudioPress WordPress templates for my own sites and those I produce for others. One of my favourite themes ever is Brian’s Vertigo Blue – I think it was in 2007 I just used it for one of my photo businesses and it made me realise what a great flexible system WordPress is.

I’ve continued to use Brian’s themes, from his Revolution theme venture, through to the current Genesis Framework solution.

If anything, Genesis makes it too easy – no more having to learn everything the hard way. Installing the basic Genesis Framework allows any of the huge selection of Genesis Child Themes to be installed.

Need a great website?

If you have time to do it yourself, do yourself a favour and get one of the StudioPress Themes for WordPress.

Don’t have time ? I can help you with that. The Fedora Website package includes setting up WordPress on your web host account (if you don’t have a web address and host account we can help with that we well!). You choose the theme from the StudioPress selection and we’ll work out a plan for the content and graphics.